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      Specializing in the production
      of ppr pipe insulation
1, five-star hotels in Switzerland developed dedicated pipe
2, both open both hot without waiting
3, energy saving, safe and comfortable

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Lifting 5-8 times faster than conventional hot water pipe insulation properties
The new PPR PPR pipe insulation using Liansu hot inner core tube + polyurethane foam insulation + PVC (PE) outer protective layer
Ordinary easy to heat insulation

Ordinary pipe insulation with PVC pipes or using rubber cotton or cotton bandage PEF, easy to heat insulation, thermal insulation effect is poor
Easy installation, no reprocessing insulation, saving labor costs 80%
When the factory is ready for insulation, construction site do not need insulation, can be installed directly
Secondary insulation construction, increase costs, and difficult to control
Traditional insulation pipe insulation operations do require the construction site, a project to be completed for at least 3-5 people
Champion insulation service life of up to 50 years

Zhuangyuan Liansu inside and outside the tube with pipe insulation, antifreeze, sunscreen, wind and other high-quality materials
Ordinary insulation breakable, aging

Rubber insulation tubes ordinary cotton or cotton wrap or tie tied PEF, after a year or two of aging, shrinking insulation broken off
Insulation thickness can be adjusted according to the requirements of
According to the North-South differences in climate, champion PPR pipe insulation insulation can be customized to varying degrees, common in various fields.
Ordinary pipe insulation thickness is fixed
Ordinary insulation pipe insulation only 3mm-5mm, made of plastic by extrusion foaming, can not reach the insulation effect
Overall project beautiful insulation, pipe bend, no deformation.
Zhuangyuan insulation 5cm PPR pipe ends are exposed, without cutting, direct fusion welding, over 95 ° hot water pipes do not deform, bend, outsourcing unity white.
Ordinary insulation deformation, joint and more poor insulation
Hot water pipe insulation that are highly deformed, soft, etc., and more than ordinary insulation joints, tee, straight, can not bend the outer insulation
  Engineering solutions pipe
Hotels with IOMC
Air can pipe programs
School tube program
Factory pipe program
Hotels with pipe solutions program features:
With the continuous development of society and the progress of science and technology, now people are increasingly concerned about the survival of our planet, most of the world is also fully aware of the importance of the environment for our human development.


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